Absolute Favourite - Ella's Bespoke Bow Ties

This is a post about Ella. And me, obviously. But mainly Ella.
To those of you who aren't aware, Ella is my a-little-older-but-a-lot-littler-sister. We are #BFFs lol, we don't look alike, though some say we do, and in many ways we are very different (good cop, bad cop: I'll leave you to agonise over who is which). There are, however, two particular things that we share (apart from almost every aspect of our lives): our very weird but nevertheless flawless sense of humour, and our obsession with bow ties. I can't remember the exact moment at which this addiction escalated from "problem" to "pathological" (haven't forgotten my A-Level psychology), but I do remember that it happened very quickly, and is now irreversible, even with the aid of extensive therapy.

In the wake of this and on the occasion of my birthday last weekend, Ella gave me (among the assortment of gifts in a SENSATIONAL goodie bag) a bow tie. But this was not just any old bow tie. Oh, no. Knowing how much I hate accidentally matching outfits with people, she ensured that she presented me with an item that no one else in the world would have: a hand-made bow tie of the highest quality. Ella has always had an incredible talent for textiles and DIY that I could only dream of, and a level of patience that I am incapable of comprehending due to limitations on my attention span and control over irrational frustrations... She also has a little bit of a weird thing for using jam jars for other things than jam, so the tie came in a tiny jam jar complete with personalised label.
I'm hopeful of receiving more bow ties in the coming months, though of course I will be purchasing them in the future.

I think that this is the start of a beautiful bow tie world takeover.

Bow tie: Hand made by Ella
Shirt: Topshop
Skirt: Zara
Jacket: H&M

LFW Street Style AW14

So here it all is in one place. More can be seen on Dapprly and my Instagram (which has become a bit of an obsession of late). Not much to report at the moment, but for now, enjoy the weird and wonderful.

Blown Out Of Proportion

Isabella Blow at Somerset House
I can't believe that it has taken us this long to get here. We said that we wanted to go months ago, but somehow things got in the way, you know, like they always seem to do these days. But as the time had finally arrived, we decided to make a day of it.
An early start, with the best intentions to leave the house on time; intentions that never bear much fruit. We met outside the gates and decided that, before we did anything, we needed to fill up on fuel for the day ahead. So, taking a 3 minute shortcut down Montreal Place, we stopped for what we had intended to be breakfast but, by this time, turned out to be brunch at The Delauney. After a surprisingly stress-free decision process, we opted for both pancakes and waffles with maple syrup to share, and a pot of breakfast tea to wash it down. We wolfed down both, and with happy tummies returned to Somerset House.

The exhibition was brimming. Most of all, brimming with the work of some unbelievably talented designers and visionaries. I couldn't bear to ruin the surprise of what you might see, so I won't say a huge amount about it except these few pointers:

1. You will enter knowing nothing and leave knowing everything about eccentric headwear.
2. This may result in feelings of inadequacy over your ability to wear hats.
3. You might cry a little over Alexander McQueen.
4. No, you definitely will.

Following the exhibition, and revelling in all the space that Somerset House has to offer (I've never been there when there hasn't been London Fashion Week's huge construction in the square). We pranced around and attracted attention to ourselves in our bright blue clothes, which we hadn't planned on coordinating, but somehow ended up doing just that.

Suit & Shirt - Topshop
Hat - Topman
Boots - Kurt Geiger
Bowtie - Vintage Remade
Rings - Southbank Market
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