London Fashion Week AW15 Street Style - the details

Presenting the second half of my street style shots from LFW AW15, focusing on the details. From stripes to polka dots, stilettos to platforms, and tailored jackets to straight jackets, there was something for everyone.

Enjoy. Bask in the strange and the striking.


London Fashion Week AW15 - A bit of street style

London is full of beautiful, awesome and odd people.
London Fashion Week is generally full of odd people pretending to be normal or normal people pretending to be odd. Either way there's a lot of pretending going on, and amongst that I find it quite difficult to locate the kind of person that I would want to spend time around. But today I met a few of them. One such person is called Ben and I fell completely in love with his attitude, so much so that I am going to dedicate an entire post to him and a short interview we did together. 
Just to whet your appetite, he's the multi-coloured one with the beard.

That will be on the way tomorrow once I've worked out how to do him justice - he's the kind you have to see and speak with to fully appreciate. But for now, here's just a few of the snaps from today's talent at Somerset House.

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